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Artificial intelligence in marketing – A revolution under the surface

Artificial Intelligence has become the next big trend since it became obvious that Big Data meant too much data for the human eye. A trend further fueled of the emergence of self-driving cars and the recent development in image recognition and chatbots has put AI on everyone’s lips. These are all potentially disruptive new techniques that may affect the business in the foundation.

There has however been a slower yet very potential trend when it comes to automatization of customer relationship management where AI models replaces the old blunt but versatile segmentation models of RFM, Product Propensity models and different group profiles.

The recipe of AI is all about applying machine learning algorithms with large amounts of both aggregated historic attributes and real-time attributes close to the specific application and letting the models retrain automatically.

The models adapt by itself to new circumstances regarding market logic, the way you digitally represent your business and how your business process works which means that you can predict your customer behavior to a greater certainty and still end up with a lower maintenance of your segmentation models.

This revolution is slowly becoming more potent each day as your organization is moving in the digital transformation. But the quantum leaps appear when you apply the self-learning AI for each specific point in your customer journeys.

Red Pine releases a new WEB-plugin

A few select preview customers have tested our new integration for using Red Pine on the web during the last couple of months. The results have been great. Now we are ready to release the service to everyone who wants to try it and during the spring we will be having a couple of activities to help everyone try it out. What is so special with this plugin? First of all, it makes your web more relevant for your web visitors, but it is also extremely easy to implement. In a few hours your web is working with AI.

As a part of the release we want to invite people who are interested to a Kick Off After Work at our office. If you are interested in attending please send an e-mail to to make sure you get an invite. The date for the after work is to be decided shortly.

Red Pine perfects its AI for the web channel

We welcome Filiz Boyraz to the Red Pine team. Filiz is not only working with Red Pine, she is also currently a student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During the spring she will be working on her master’s thesis “Performance optimizing classification algorithms for offer selection targeted to website visitors”. We look forward to use the insight from her work for the AI in Red Pine.