With our solution, Offer Optimizer, you can improve you customer dialogue in many different ways in your different channels.
Our services is available both as an on-premise solution as well as a cloud service.

Customer service

You know that the customer has time and you have its attention when the customer contacts you. There are often possible to, for example:

The customer service agent has its first priority to solve the errand the customer has contact you. The proactive part of trying to further develop the customer has to be secondary. This is where Offer Optimizer can help the agent to be able to concentrate on its primary goal and still propose the best developing message to the customer based on:

Offer Optimizer can also help the service agent to choose when not to try to sell anything at all as well.
The television distributor Boxer TV Access AB choose to use Offer Optimizer in its customer service and could thereby raise the sales with 49%.
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To optimize the initiations of purchase and interaction can be difficult and complex in a changing environment where both the visitor behavior changes as well as what you offer your customers on your website. The optimization of the visitor flows become an ongoing process and the visitor sequences can be complex so that the optimization of them can be difficult for a human.
What can we do?
With a self-learning artificial intelligence engine we can optimize the interaction for each visitor from how that visitor has used your website.
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My pages

Do you have a customer website where your existing customers can log in? If so you have a potential goldmine for additional sales and optimized customer dialogue! Through combining the visit pattern on your website with the customer information you already know regarding your customers’ earlier behavior and your customers’ demography you can initiate the best dialogue for each customer and visit.
Offer Optimizer, identifies and acts on the visitors purchase behaviors with the help of self-learning artificial intelligence base on:

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The usual way to sell in outgoing telemarketing is to produce a specific list of prospects based on a specific proposition.
With Offer Optimizer it is possible to instead choose a list of prospect and a list of potential propositions. The choice of which proposition to give to each prospect can be decided from the likelihood the prospect have to accept the proposition based on both the available prospect information you have as well as any eventual control questions you might ask in the moment you reach the customer. This gives the chance for a more prospect centric approach as well as it gives the opportunity to coordinate the sales of many different propositions.
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